Personal teaching goals



  1. I will provide students a fun, fair, and safe classroom environment that is conducive to learning and discovery.
  2.  I will be a sound teacher for my students, never compromising the moral or ethical principles of the teaching profession.
  3.  I will help each student meet local, state, and federal education mandates while ensuring students are emotionally and physically healthy, civically engaged, responsible, and caring.
  4.  I will instill in each of my students a love for learning so that he or she is prepared for advanced education, work, and citizenship in a globally competitive 21-century.
  5.  I will motivate students to overcome social and self-barriers so that they can exceed expectations and become self-reliant citizens.
  6.  I will work continuously with parents and administration to help facilitate a relationship that best benefits the social, psychological, physical, and educational developments of every student.
  7.  I will offer students a voice and sense of ownership of their colorful, organized, and well-managed classroom.
  8.  I will ensure student literacy by exposing a variety of reading resources and differentiation that promotes a love for reading across curricula.
  9.  I will be available and will respect all students, their difference, and challenges.
  10.  I will leave no student behind.
  11.  I will remain dedicated to my students without compromising my personal health, morals, ethics, and relationships.
  12.  I will foster in my students the belief that knowledge provides growth and with growth comes success.
  13.  I will demonstrate the importance of education for my students by openly discussing my own continued edification in the field of education.

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